We have some exciting news! Our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc has been officially released and is now sold out! The story behind it’s origin is as follows:

Many years ago, the 3 of us, (Steve, Dean & Laurie) went on a quest during summer vacation to try as many Sauvignon Blancs as we could, to determine who’s vineyard in the valley was our favorite. SB is sometimes an unheralded varietal, but the quality in the Napa Valley is often very high. The bottles from the Gamble Ranch were our favorite. Of course, we wanted fruit from this vineyard for our first white wine. We learned to be patient during the 4 years that it took before fruit became available, and now we are thrilled to be offering it to you!

Our esteemed winemaker, Thomas Brown, kept a watchful eye on the vineyard and the fermentation. We just bottled this recently to add some extra concentration and roundness to the wine, while still maintaining the classic Sauvignon Blanc flavors. We really like the fruit and acid balance in the wine. Modest alcohol and dense flavors make this perfect for warm weather, and can make any ordinary day or celebration a much remembered experience.